Kandara Historical Background

Horticultural research in Kenya dates back to 1947, when research on temperate fruits (pears, plums, peaches and grapes) was established at the National Pyrethrum and Horticultural Research Centre, Molo.  This was followed by the establishment of the National Horticultural Research Station (NHRS) Thika, in 1957, under the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1989 the centre was renamed the National Horticultural Research Centre under the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI). In 2000, the centre was again renamed the KARI-Thika Research Centre. The Centre was effective 1st July 2014 renamed to KALRO Kandara.

Over the years, the centre has evolved from one that addresses strategic and applied research issues affecting the horticultural industry to one that assists in adapting the technologies to suitable environments, nationally. The Centre implements a comprehensive programme in support of the national horticultural industry including development of appropriate technologies covering a wide range of issues on fruits, vegetables, flowers and macadamia nuts. In addition the centre conducts research on dry beans.  
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