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Plant Health Factsheets
Diamondback moth

Diamondback moth (DBM) is a major insect pest of cabbage, kale, broccoli and canola. Moths are grey and about 8.5 mm long. The DBM derives its name from the white markings along the back of the forewings which when folded form a diamond shaped pattern. Larvae wriggle violently if disturbed and drop from the leaf suspended by a silken strand. DBM populations increase in dry conditions, especially in the presence of favorable crop and/or weed hosts.


Biocontrol product aflasafe KE01TM launched in Kenya

Good news for maize farmers in Kenya and indeed the whole country! An innovative, safe, and effective technology for controlling aflatoxin contamination was officially launched today, paving
the way for its production and distribution. The technology, known as aflasafe KE01TM, has proven effective in reducing aflatoxin contamination by 70 – 80% in trialsin farmers’ fields across
various parts of the country. [more...]