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The Tea Research Institute (TRI) was established in July 2013 following the operationalization of KALR Act of 2013 that formed the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), a premier national research organization, which brought together the former Tea Research Foundation of Kenya (TRFK), Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), Kenya Sugar Research Foundation (KESREF) and Coffee Research Foundation (CRF). Tea Research Institute (TRI) is one of the sixteen research institutes created under KALRO but its mandate "to promote research and investigate problems related to tea and such other crops and systems of husbandry as are associated with tea throughout Kenya including the productivity (yield), quality and suitability of land in relation to tea planting; and matters ancillary thereto" remaining the same. It is worth noting that The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya (TRFK) had been established in 1980 to replace the former Tea Research Institute of East Africa (TRIEA) following the breakup of the East African Community.  more