Field assessment of the effect of cumulative soil loss on soil productivity

  • C.K K Gachene
  • H Linner
  • J N Jarvis
  • J P Mbuvi


Field studies were conducted from mid-December 1990 to mid-January 1993 to suction. The values after the erosion cycle ranged from 79 to 124.9 cm/h at saturation and from 0.7 assess the effect of cumulative soil loss on soil physical and chemical properties in the highlands of central Kenya. Soil loss was measured on runoff plots that allowed erosion to different levels. Simple linear regression equations were developed for cumulative soil loss versus changes in soil physical and chemical properties following erosion. Cumulative soil loss ranged from 0.77 to 247.27 t/ha on the least and on the most eroded plots respectively. Reductions in soil pH and percentage C and N were significantly correlated with cumulative soil loss (r values of 0.77**, 0.59** and 0.71**, respectively, n = 20). Although changes in soil physical properties were not significantly correlated with soil loss, both saturated and nearsaturated hydraulic conductivity and macro- and mesoporosity were larger in the least eroded treatments after 4 seasons of exposure to erosion. Based on sea effects, the hybrid AKSS 5 x HES 4 was considered to be the best for grain yield purpose and the hybrids HES 4 x SSV 84 while SSV 74 x RSSV 3 were considered to be best for high energy purpose (alcohol content)

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