Reaction of selected maize genotypes to field races

  • F Ssango
  • E Adipala


Reactions of inbred maize were studied at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute, Kabanyolo for 2 seasons. A completely randomized block design was used and replicated 3 times. At the silking stage disease was assessed by counting lesion numbers per plant and by visual estimation of disease severity (0- 75%) at 4 weekly intervals. Length of "fully" expanded lesions was measured once at GS8. Area under disease progress curve (AUDPC) and apparent infection rate (r) were computed from disease severity data. Inbred lines without Ht gene had significantly higher disease values than their counterparts with Ht gene. Lines with major genes generally had very low disease level and expressed chlorotic-lesion types, indicating predominance of race 0.

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