Evaluation of Field Cricket as a Replacement for Nile Tilapia Feeds in Kenya

  • L.W. Mugo University of Nairobi
  • G.J. Gordon University of Nairobi
  • V. Wangondu University of Nairobi
  • S. Okoth University of Nairobi


feed accounts for more than 50% of the total variable production cost in an intensive aquaculture system. However one of the most pressing current challenges for aquaculture in Kenya is lack of affordable aqua feeds for different stages of fish development. Dependency on fish meal as source of protein is currently high due to limited alternative sources.Therefore the objective of this study was to determine growth performance of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fed on field cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus) meal and how inclusion of cricket meal affects the fish culture water quality. Field crickets were processed and incorporated in the diet to replace fish meal at varying extent to comprise the following four treatment diets in triplicate; 0% field cricket meal and 100% fish meal (T0), 25% field cricket meal and 75% fish meal (T1), 50% field cricket meal and 50% fish meal (T2), 100% field cricket meal with 0% fish meal (T3) and commercial feed (T4). The effects of different diets on growth parameters and water quality parameters were analysed using GENSTAT 15TH Edition. Nile Tilapia fingerlings weight and length increased significantly from a mean of 0.996g to 12.476g and from 3.935cm to 8.955cm at the end of the experiment. Fish fed on T0 (0% cricket meal) had the highest weight gain 15.097g while T3 (100% cricket meal) had the lowest weight gain (9.731g). Survival rate of fry throughout the culture period was highest in T1 (25% cricket meal) at 96.7% and lowest in T3 (100% cricket meal) 93.3% and there was no significant difference in all the treatments. In conclusion 100% fish meal in the diet showed the best growth perfomance while, inclusion of field cricket meal in diet had no significant impact on water quality and survival rate. It is recommended to further research should be done on viability of cricket meal on fish growth.

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Mugo, L., Gordon, G., Wangondu, V., & Okoth, S. (2023). Evaluation of Field Cricket as a Replacement for Nile Tilapia Feeds in Kenya. East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, 87(3&4), 10. Retrieved from https://www.kalro.org/www.eaafj.or.ke/index.php/path/article/view/654