Effect of time of application of organic soil amendments on

  • J W Waceke
  • S W Waudo


Chicken manure, goat manure, dried and ground sawdust, kales leaves, beans stemeand maize stalks were incorporated into the soil at 14, 28 and 42 days before infesting the soil with M. incognita J-2s. Seven days before infestation, 1-21-day old okra seedling was transplanted into each pot. The treatments were arranged in a split-plot design and replicated 4 times Plant growth parameters (stem diameters, shoot heights and weights) and disease parameters (gall indices and number of nematodes in the soil) were determined 90 days after inoculation. The period between incorporation of organic amendments into soil and inoculation with nematodes is an important factor in influencing the efficacy of organic materials' suppressive effects on growth and development of M. incognita. The suppressive effects of kale leaves, sawdust, chicken manure, goat manure and maize stalks, for instance, decreased over time while that of bean stems increased.

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