Comparison of soya bean and sunflower meal protein in

  • S M Oruseibio


Two experiments evaluated comparative nutritive values of Soya bean and sunflower meals in egg production under humid tropical conditions. A total of 299 ‘Babcock-300' pullets were randomly distributed to 4 dietary treatments in each experiment. Each treatment was replicated 6 times with 12 birds per replicate. Soya bean and sunflower meals were used in yellow corn- daily feed consumption and feed efficiency, egg weight, Haugh unit values, mortality, eggshell thickness and final body weight. Birds fed Soya bean meal diets showed better-feed efficiency than those fed sunflower meal diets, while birds fed sunflower meal diets consumed significantly (P < 0.05) more feed than those fed Soya bean in both experiments. It is concluded that the nutritive value of sunflower meal is comparable to that of Soya bean meal, provided lysine and energy factors are corrected in sunflower meal. Given the high cost bean meal in Nigeria, sunflower meal would be a much cheaper replacement for Soya bean meal diets for egg-laying hens. This would maximize profit on hen-day egg production and egg size, with little or no difference in feed efficiency.

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