Inorganic resources management for sustainable soil productivity (pp. 119-129)

  • J R Okalebo


Most cropland soils in East Africa and the tropics are in general highly weathered, leached and deficient in plant nutrients particularly nitrogen and phosphorus. Over the past 80 years or so, efforts have been made within the region to seek ways and means of building the levels of these 2 nutrients in soils with an overall goal of increasing and sustaining crop productivity. In general, positive crop responses to inorganic fertilisers or resources have been obtained. This paper summarises findings related to some aspects of the management of inorganic resources. These include the use of specific resources, rates, timing and methods of application, towards improved productivity. It is suggested that economic analysis of crop yield and other data are important considerations for future research. An unfavourable economic environment contributes to lack or slow adoption of farming technologies in the developing world.

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