Sorghum Production Challenges in Drought Areas of Siaya and Baringo Counties, Kenya

  • S. M Njinju Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
  • J. Gweyi School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development, Department of Agricultural Science and Technology, Kenyatta University
  • R.N Mayoli Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization


Sorghum bicolor (L.) is an important food in Sub-Saharan Africa where drought is one of the major abiotic stresses that limit its productivity. In Kenya production is low
despite having a rich diversity in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs). A cross section survey was conducted between 12th and 21st January, 2021 with the objectives of collecting different sorghum accessions, identifying preferred traits, identifying production constraints and finding out challenges  by farmers in sorghum production in Siaya and Baringo counties. The respondents interviewed from the two counties included 43 sorghum farmers who provided 48 sorghum accession. Results from this study indicated that majority (80%) of farmers acquired primary education, while 79% of farmers listed sorghum as their first priority crop among maize, beans, green grams, groundnuts, cassava and bananas due to its drought tolerance, resistance to pests, less labour and fertilizer requirements and its ability to ratoon. Most respondents grew sorghum landraces from their own saved seeds (46%), local market (21%) while less than 20% planted certified seeds. In addition, 90% of the farmers in the two counties grew sorghum for food, sale (72%) and fodder (23%). Consumers in these counties preferred taste, good germination, early maturity, bird resistance, colour (non-red) and drought tolerance while farmers identified drought, pests (birds), diseases, striga weed, marketing and low yields as the key constraints in sorghum production. Evaluation of the collected sorghum accession would help to identify suitable ones for increased yields.

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