Effect of Market Elements on Purchase of Organic Foods in Nyeri County, Kenya

  • M. M. Mwenda Department of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics, Egerton University
  • J.K. Lagat Department of Crops, Horticulture and Soils, Faculty of Agriculture, Egerton University


Organic food is experiencing an upsurge in global trends as regards farmer numbers, sales, revenues, and area coverage. However, despite this growth, its market share remains low in Kenya compared to conventional foods. This is attributable to a mis-link between research on organic food purchase factors and the market-focused
stakeholders. The main objective of this study was to contribute to greater adoption, consumption, and market share of organic foods in Kenya. The specific objective
was to estimate the effects of the market elements (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion) on the purchase of organic food products. A survey was carried out through
a questionnaire where a sample of 230 respondents were interviewed from purchasers of organic food using a simple random method in Nyeri County, Kenya. The study
found Promotion (Prom) to be greatly affecting Organic food purchases by 0.481 units (48.1%) per unit change in purchase. Place (PL) was second with an influence
of 0.247 units (24.7%) per unit change in purchase and finally Price (PR) was with 0.164 units (16.4%) per unit change in Purchase. The product market element was
found to be insignificant at 0.05 probability level with an effect of 0.092 units (9.2%) per unit change in purchase.

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