Factors affecting choice of Outlets for Improved Pigeon Peas Among farmers in Taita Taveta County

  • S. G. Khaemba Egerton University
  • M. Ngigi Egerton University
  • E. Gathungu Egerton University


Improved pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) is a high-yielding climate-smart crop produced by smallholder farmers in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) for cash income. However, productivity of improved pigeon pea varieties in Taita Taveta County declined over the years. Decline in productivity of the improved pigeon peas could be attributed to the type quality of varieties produced and market accessibility. Thus, this study determined the varieties produced, the accessed markets and the factors
influencing the choice of the outlets by farmers. A four-stage sampling procedure was used to select 297 farmers who were interviewed using structured questionnaires. The results of Multivariate probit model showed that inproved pigeaon pea varieties; KAT 60/8 (P=0.046), ICEAP00557 (P<0.001), ICEAP0077 (P=0.008) and ICEAP0055 (P<0.001), ICEA P0077 (P=0.008) and ICEA P00850 (P=0.035) had an influence on the choice of market outlet. It was also revealed in the number of assets
owned (P≤0.005), household size (P≤0.005), quantity harvested (P<0.001), group membership (P<0.05), farm-size under pigeon pea (P=0.046) influenced pigeon pea marketing. The adopted varieties were KAT60/8, ICEAP 00850, ICEAP00777, ICEAP 0557, and ICPL89091 while the chosen outlets were consumers, brokers, and retailers. Retailer outlet comprised 36% of the farmers, consumers (33%) and brokers (31%). This study recommends thatthe Government should integrate high-end markets to increase prices and farmers’ incomes.

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Khaemba, S. G., Ngigi, M., & Gathungu, E. (2022). Factors affecting choice of Outlets for Improved Pigeon Peas Among farmers in Taita Taveta County. East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, 86(1-2), 11. Retrieved from https://www.kalro.org/www.eaafj.or.ke/index.php/path/article/view/538