Technical Notes

Follow the links below for the technical reports: -
No. 10 Biogas Production (pdf 362KB)
No. 11 Acidic soils in Kenya: Constraints and remedial options (pdf 1.75MB)
No. 12 Legume Cover Crops Research in Kenya: Experiences of the Legume Research Network Project. A synthesis report of phase I (1994-2000) (pdf 2,391Kb)
No. 13 Soil fertility improvement technologies for western Kenya Detatil Content (pdf 1.75Mb)
 (pdf154kb) Cover (pdf 1.61mb)
No. 17 A guide to choice of mineral fertilisers in Kenya (pdf 419kb)
No. 18 Indigenous chicken production manual (pdf 494kb)
No. 19 Options for Striga management in Kenya (pdf 348kb)