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Training Courses


Tea Research Institute has been mandated to conduct professional courses in areas of tea production and processing.

A training schedule is released in January every year to all the stake holders in and outside Kenya.

001.Tea estates management and husbandry, labour requirement and utilization

The trainees are drawn from new and practicing Tea Estate Farm managers and Field supervisors. The aim of this course is to impart the necessary knowledge and practical kills in tea farming.
Duration: 1 week

002. Nursery Establishment and management

we offer training to practicing and new Tea Estate Farm managers, Assistant managers and Field supervisors in small scale sub-sector, Extension staff for KTDA and GOK Front line extension sd well as staff from the large tea plantation sub sectors.

The main aim is to impart the latest technical knowledge and skills in nursery establishment and management.
Duration: 1 Week

003. Tea quality management

Trainees are drawn from Tea factories. The target group is the Production managers and Production assistants, Quality assurance, staff, Tea Brokers and their agents, new and practicing managers wishing to improve on processing skills. The trainees acquire knowledge and practical skills necessary for prossessing of high quality tea.
Duration: 1 Week

004: The role of Tea Research in the tea industry and its achievements and The role of directors in the tea industry.

The target group is newly elected directors in the tea industry. This course aims at enhancing the management capacity for the target groups.
Duration: 1 week

005: General crop husbandry

The training targets extension staff, estate managers and supervisors who wish to undertake a refresher course in the areas of Mother bush and nursery management, Tea pests and diseases, identification and management, Tea weeds classification and management and Tea nutrition and TRI-Extension-Farmer linkage
Duration: 1 week

006: Sustainable tea production (GAP and COP)

The course aims at training participants on the importance of good agricultural, practices in tea farming. Target group is all managers and extension staff in the tea industry.
Duration: 1 Week

007: Tea pests and diseases identification and management

The course is designed to meet the needs of new and practicing field staff involved in tea pest management. Emphasis is on integrated pest management and safe use of pesticides for economic gains, food safety and for a safe clean environment.

The course is essential for people involved in handling agricultural pesticides as well as for chemical stockists. These include KTDA Staff in the extension department at the factory and estate managers assistant managers and field supervisors.
Duration: 1 week

008: Tea pruning standards, Tea plucking, leaf handling and transportation for quality tea products

The course is designed to improve on management to enhance on handling of green leaf and quality of made tea. The target group includes Field service managers and Estate Managers, assistant managers and senior supervisors.
Duration: 1 week

009: Tea processing, product diversification and Value addition.

The target groups are trained on new challenges in tea production, processing and marketing and opportunities available for product diversification and the benefit of value addition as a tool for marketing Kenyan teas. Target trainess include Factory Unit Managers, Zonal managers, Production managers and assistants.
Duration: 1 week.