TRFK Laboratories

Tea Research Institute Laboratory services main objective is to provide reliable, accurate and timely analytical testing services on all issues relating to tea throughout Kenya. Advancements in analytical services have improved from common analytical services to more sophisticated analyses like molecular biology analysis.

Tea Research Institute has also been handling analyses of advisory samples for both tea and non-tea growers. These services are either free or a nominal fee is charged. For the tea growers but for non-tea growers, the services are rendered as consultancy services and charged accordingly.

The following services are offered in the various laboratories:


Chemistry Laboratory
  • Complete soil chemical (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn) and physical analysis.
  • Complete leaf chemical analysis (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn.
  • Additional nutrient analysis (Cu, Zn, Fe, Mo, Cd, Pb).
  • Fertilizer and Manure (complete) chemical analysis
  • Elemental analysis (N, P, K, Ca, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn).


Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Plain Tea Quality Parameters.
  • Catechin Profiling by HPLC.
  • Anthocyanin profiling by HPLC.
  • Caffeine Analysis.
  • Total Soluble Solids (TSS) Analysis.


Plant Protection Laboratory
  • Crop Pest identification.
  • Mole rat fumigation (per burrow).
  • Field/Green House Tests.
  • Weed control.
  • Fungi and Bacteria identification
  • Nematode analysis.
  • Field/Green House tests.


Botany Laboratory
  • DNA fingerprinting and Germplasm characterization.
  • Total polyphenol analysis.
  • Development of improved tea clones/varieties.
  • Development of selection tools for breeding.


Crop Environment Laboratory
  • Environment impacts, modification and conservation.
  • Integrated crop management strategies.
  • Ageing tea plantation evaluation.
  • Agro-meteorogical services.


Technical support unit
Goal: To offer services within and without the tea industry services.
  • Nursery management.
  • Plant material cuttings- V.P Seeds.
  • Plant characterization and identification.
  • Soil, leaf and fertilizer analysis.
  • Black tea manufacture and analysis.
  • Equipment testing, calibration and maintenance.
  • Agro-meteorological services.
  • Pest and pathogen identification.
  • Evaluation of agrochemicals.
  • Plant inspection and quarantine.
  • Land suitability evaluation.
  • Consultancies.
  • Equipment calibration and chemical specification.