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Tea Quality Improvement, Product Diversification and Value Addition

Goal:  To develop competitive high value tea products for improved livelihoods.
Research ProgrammesKenya produces mainly aerated (fermented) black CTC (Curl, Tear and Cut) tea. The Institute’s current research efforts to enhance the quality of tea are focused on cost effective and efficient manufacturing methodologies covering leaf withering, maceration, fermentation, and drying, tea and health, quality product development and value addition and research factory management.

The research carried out has revealed that more flavoury and anti-oxidant rich teas can be produced by varying process conditions and type of raw leaf used. Research is also focused on developing systems that will stimulate adoption of quality improving technologies, as well as enhanced factory throughput and efficiency in tea manufacturing. Technologies for enhanced throughput in tea factories will be important for deployment during peak crop season when a lot of farmers produce goes to waste.