Open Days

An Open day is a relatively large show for agricultural best practices of farming. It contrasts with an agricultural show in that a Show focuses on competition and judging, while an Open day focuses on equipment, demonstrations and processes. Further, an Open Day differs from a Field day in that Open days involves exhibition by commercial, industrial and service sector components. The events are good sources of agricultural information, as organizers can arrange for guest speakers to talk on a range of topics.

SRI holds at least three Open days annually as an important tool for Extension Services for farmers. For ease of access to farmers the Open days have been grouped into three major zones:

  1. Mumias Zone (Mumias, West Kenya, Nzoia)… View Open Day Events Reports
  2. SONY zone (South Nyanza, Transmara, Ndhiwa)… View Open Day Events Reports
  3. Nyando zone (Chemelil, Soin, Muhoroni, Kibos)… View Open Day Events Reports