The current research projects include:
1. Economics and Biometrics
⦁    Economic Returns and Variety Development Cost Assessment in the Sugar Industry: The Case of SRI's released varieties (2002)
⦁    Choice of crops and its impacts on food security status n the Western Kenya's Sugar belt; A Discrete Choice Model Approach
⦁    Integrated approach for addressing declining sugarcane productivity: case study of Kakamega county
2. Agriculture Engineering
⦁    Towards a decision support system for evaluating the impact of sugarcane production on soil and water loss in Kenya Sugar Industry
⦁    Application of GIS, RS and the USDA Curve No method in assessing runoff and soil loss and developing soil & water BMPs for the Kenyan sugar industry
3. Crop Development
⦁    Evaluation of sugar Industry information to improve sugarcane productivity in Western Kenya
⦁    Calibration and validation of the DSSAT-CANEGRO sugarcane simulation model
⦁    Evaluation of lime placement in ameliorating soil acidity for improved nutrient uptake and yields of sugarcane – soybean intercropping in Western Kenya
⦁    Determination of Sugarcane Smut (Sporisorium Scitamenia) Pathotypes and Their Genetic and Spatial Variability in Kenya
⦁    The Potential of using Fungicidal and Biological Agents for Control of Sugarcane Smut (Sporisorium Scitamenia) in Kenya
⦁    Evaluation of sugarcane germplasm to determine their breeding potential
4. Milling and Processing
⦁    Determination of dextran and mannitol during sugar processing to improve sugar recovery
⦁    Assessment of water quality in effluent treatment lagoons of sugar and its allied industries in Kenya
⦁    Nutritive and pharmacological investigation of final molasses for product formulation