Outreach and Partnership

The purpose Extension Services is to improve the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes of the sugarcane farming community. There are approximately 260,000 farmers in the industry with majority of them being small scales farmers. The methods used to transfer research information between stakeholders and players must be both simple and effective. The methods adopted include:
Field Days,
⦁    Open Days,
⦁    Demonstrations,
⦁    Barazas,
⦁    Farm visits, and
⦁    ASK Shows

For purposes of ease of operations, SRI has demarcated the sugar belt into geographical zones. For ease of access to farmers three Centres have been set up to host the extension scientists who serve the five zones:
⦁    Opapo centre for South Nyanza and Transmara zones,
⦁    Kibos for Nyando, and Soin zones and
⦁    Mumias centre for Western (Mumias/Busia, West Kenya, Butali and Nzoia zones)
⦁    Mtwapa center for Coast region
The main emphasis of the Technology Transfer Department is to ensure increased dissemination and to catalyse the process of adoption of improved sugar production technologies.