Socio Economics, Statistical Analysis, Market and Policy Program (SESAMPoP)

Determination and analyses of production constraints. 
Determination, problem identification and priority setting. 
Economic feasibilities and social acceptance of new technologies. 
Establishment of preferences for production methods, implements and inputs. 
Establishment and management of sugarcane and sugar database.
Packaging modes and their influence on consumer behavior.
Sugarcane and sugar price stability and its effects on production and consumption.
Sugar and co-products promotion studies.
Analysis of production costs of cane growing and the processing of sugar and its co-products
Study of the production trends for sugarcane and sugar in the industry; the main emphasis is to examine the trends and provide information and recommend intervention measures
Determination of the economics of sugar production, sugar processing and the use of milling co-products
Optimization of resource use through developing and analyzing appropriate production technologies and models

Market and policy
Problems associated with channels of sugar and co-products distribution in Kenya
Market behavior and consumer preferences.
Efficiency of channels of distribution.
Problems associated with influx of cheap COMESA sugar
Market behavior under saturation
Market behavior under cheap sugar

Statistical Analysis/Biometrics
Sensitizes and advises research scientists in study designs (experimental and/or surveys) 
Assists in the management, analyses and interpretation of scientific data using appropriate statistical analysis methods and software
Build capacity of research scientists to address the constraints faced during research trials to effectively integrate biometrics in their research work. 
Collaborates with other relevant scientists and institutions for mutual exchange of knowledge and skills.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Keep project/programmes on track
Ensures effectiveness and timely completion of projects
Quarterly M&E exercise undertaken on the R&D projects