An on-farm demonstration allows for innovative practices or solutions to problems to be demonstrated on an actual farm situation to show its viability or applicability. The demonstration may employ before-and-after, control-versus-test, side by side or other comparisons. Practical application of an innovation or practices focusing on relevant issues or problems is usually the primary objective of such demonstrations. Demonstrations have served Extension well for many years in educating agricultural audiences. The advantages of on-farm demonstrations include: -

  1. Located In an actual farm setting
  2. Keeps Extension close to grower situations
  3. Locations can be selected for greatest visibility
  4. Can be widely dispersed geographically
  5. Cooperators can be selected
  6. Uses available resources on the farm
  7. Can reach new clientele
  8. Can be publicized
  9. Excellent showcase of innovation & Extension
  10. Usually attracts interest
  11. Can be toured
  12. Demonstrates Extension interest in grower concerns
  13. Helps attract resources
  14. Allows specialists, agents, and farmers to learn together

For ease of access to farmers the Demonstrations have been grouped into three major zones: