Introduction to storage

Storage systems

This involves the preservation of paddy for sometime awaiting to be sold if at farmers’ level or for milling at a Miller premise. The best type of bags to be used for storage is jute (sisal type)The preservation at the Miller is done by fumigation to prevent infestation of weevils.

Characteristics of good storage
•    Well ventilated
•    Well roofed-no leaking roof
•    Secured to prevent theft and entry of rodents
•    Spacious to hold enough paddy and allow aeration of air

Period for storage
Paddy is give at least three (3) months as curing period before milling.

For Basmati enough period is given for good development of aroma but should not extent beyond five years because Basmati has the tendency of again loosing aroma when it over stays.

Production Agronomy


Important stages of rice cultivation. Rice cultivation involves a series of processes to achieve the desirable product.

  • Land Preparation
  • Seed selection methods

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Rice blast disease

Favorable conditions for disease development:

  • Node blast: Black-brown lesions on the node.  
  • Neck blast: Black or brown rot on the neck of the panicle.

Rice Milling

Guidelines to proper harvesting: