Paddy Rice markets



       Dominion farms

       Small Scale mills

       Capwell industries

       Cooperative Societies

       Cross border traders


Milled Rice Markets (Give names)



       Other private companies


       Regional markets (Uganda Southern Sudan)


Markets for by-products

·         Feed manufacturers (Dairy, poultry, fish)

·         Cottage industries

Markets for value added products

·         Supermarkets

·         Traders

·         Institutions such as hospitals

Prices   (These are subject to changes)

Current Prices for paddy

       Aromatic – Ksh 55/kg

       Non aromatic –Ksh 36/kg


Current Prices for milled rice

       Aromatic – Ksh 140/kg

       Non aromatic Ksh 105/kg


Current Prices for By products

       Broken pishori Ksh 70/kg

       Broken non aromatic Ksh 60/kg

       Chicken feed Ksh 40/kg

       Bran meal Ksh 14/kg

Production Agronomy


Important stages of rice cultivation. Rice cultivation involves a series of processes to achieve the desirable product.

  • Land Preparation
  • Seed selection methods

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Rice blast disease

Favorable conditions for disease development:

  • Node blast: Black-brown lesions on the node.  
  • Neck blast: Black or brown rot on the neck of the panicle.

Rice Milling

Guidelines to proper harvesting: