Resources Centre

The Kenya Climate Smart Project has a robust strategy of availing vital knowledge and information to all users who need or seek the same. The information resources are targeted according to the needs of the target users are available electronically on the website or as hardcopies for limited distribution. The project is premised on existing knowledge database of technologies (TIMPS) developed by the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) and supported by existing subject extension manuals, and other publicity materials. However, the project has supplemented the existing information resource base by developing Training of Trainers’ Manuals (ToT) that guide the training of core master trainers in the counties in order to ensure the smooth uptake and adoption of the technologies in each of the value chains selected.

The information resources included are the published Trainer of Trainers (TOT) Manuals and the list of Technologies, Innovations and Management Practices (TIMPS) in the priority value chains. These are: sorghum, millet, green grams, pigeon peas, dairy goat and cow, red meat, indigenous poultry; bananas, cassava, tomatoes, Irish potatoes, honey (apiculture) and fish (aquaculture).