Validation of TIMPs through Adaptive Research

Component 2 of the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) is aimed at Strengthening Climate Smart Agricultural Research and Seed Systems. One of the major activities under this component is to finance collaborative research programs to develop and promote TIMPs related to (i) climate-smart crops; (ii) climate-smart livestock and aquaculture; (iii) socio-economic research on CSA TIMPs; (iv) land, water and agroforestry; and (v) sustainable bio-energy, including the charcoal VC.

The project made a call for concept notes, aimed at conducting collaborative research to test and validate CSA TIMPs, for application on identified high priority value chains and cross-cutting thematic areas. The concept notes were peer-evaluated and those found responsive were developed into full proposals. After a successful peer-review process a total of 51 proposals were funded at the tune of KES 1,066,435,730.