About us

Kenya Climate-Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) is a Government of Kenya/World Bank-supported project under the State Department for Crops Development in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation (MoALF&I). The project is implemented within five components: Component 1: Upscaling Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices; Component 2: Strengthening Climate-Smart Agricultural Research and Seed Systems; Component 3: Supporting Agro-weather, Market, Climate, and Advisory Services; Component 4: Project Coordination and Management; Component 5: Contingency Emergency Response. KCSAP aims to achieve three “triple wins”; 1) Sustainably increasing productivity; 2) Building resilience to climate risks (adaptation); 3) Reducing/removing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (mitigation). These will be achieved by focusing primarily on: (i) improving water/soil management, especially within smallholder crop and livestock production systems; (ii) promoting sustainable, community‐driven rangeland management and improved access to quality livestock services in ASALs; (iii) supporting the generation and dissemination of improved agricultural TIMPs and building sustainable seed systems; and (iv) enhancing access to quality agro-weather, climate, advisory, and market information services among farmers/herders for improved decision making.

KCSAP Project Development Objective (PDO) is to Increase agricultural productivity and build resilience which will be measurable through:

                (i) Impacting directly on a quantifiable number of beneficiaries                

                (ii)           Increasing productivity in selected Value Chains (VCs)

                (iii)          Adoption of TIMPs in the selected VCs