KAINet is committed to offering the highest possible quality services and always welcomes your views and comments.

You can access our national agricultural e-repository that contains information in both full-text and metadata on various aspects agriculture. Repository content includes but is not limited to technical notes, manuals, conference proceedings, research notes, annual reports, sessional papers, journals, project reports, among others.

We have a web portal with links to other national and international agricultural databases such as AGORA, OARE, ANANCY, Ask FAO among others. The portal which is user friendly and easily accessible provide visibility to institutional agricultural repositories

KAINet provides technical backstopping on agricultural information management to member institutions. With the support of partners, we have developed a critical mass of professionals trained on the management of electronic documents; digitization; web development; promotion of agricultural information services; open access; and the monitoring and evaluation of information projects.

We are committed to agricultural information sharing and exchange. KAINet also promotes and implements international standards in agricultural information management.