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The KIT Portal Librarianship in the South provides access to free, full-text electronic documents, e-journals, e-newsletters, websites, bibliographic databases and other internet resources.
Librarianship in the South
The focus of this portal is on information that is relevant to academic information professionals in the global South. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, information literacy, professional development, ICT issues, open access publishing, institutional repositories, collection development, library management, library marketing and library associations.
The KIT Portal Librarianship in the South is managed and developed by KIT Information & Library Services (ILS). KIT ILS offers one of the world's largest collections of scientific and popular books, periodicals, articles and maps concerning developing countries. KIT ILS also cooperates with partners in the South with the aim of contributing to capacity building in information technology and information management. The target audience of this portal is formed by partners of KIT ILS in the South as well as all other professionals who are interested in issues pertaining to academic librarianship in the global South.
Updating frequency
The portal will be updated with news, events and other content additions on a regular basis. We also regularly check our existing references. However, in some cases broken links cannot be avoided because of the inherent volatility of the references. We work hard to fix any problem as soon as possible. Your kind notification of a broken link is highly appreciated.
Ongoing development
Over the next few years, we will further expand and develop this portal. Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. You may post these to the editor of this portal.
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