KAINet Membership

KAINet Membership
Kenya Agricultural Information Network (KAINet) is a response to demand from the national, and international community to build systems that promote information exchange and access among stakeholders in the agricultural sector including researchers, extension workers, students, policy makers and others, in order to support decision-making, promote innovation in agriculture and subsequently improve livelihoods.
The process of establishing KAINet has also facilitated the development of institutional information and communication management (ICM) strategies as frameworks for addressing issues that are critical to content development and information exchange between users within the agricultural sector.
 Access to a national consolidated content on agricultural information. 
 Visibility for information products and services nationally and internationally 
 Exposure to new tools and standards for managing agricultural infromation. 
 Access to technical backstopping and consultation from a team of expects.
How to join
We encourage the interested institutions to contact us at info@kainet.or.ke or visit our website at www.kainet.or.ke. All of the above categories of institutions are eligible. Just Download the Application form and fill it