Sharing Forest Information Globally
The Global Forest Information Service (GFIS) provides the framework to share forest-related data and information through a single gateway. It promotes the dissemination and sharing of forest and tree-related information and knowledge among the global forestry community by developing common information exchange standards, building capacity and enhancing partnerships among forestry information providers and users.
About GFIS
GFIS is a collaborative initiative that allows sharing of forest-related information through a single gateway. The information resources accessible through GFIS are freely available, and provide direct access to the original information. GFIS offers information exchange and dissemination tools for partners to share their information resources easily through the gateway. GFIS is an open system to which information providers, using agreed information exchange standards, may contribute content. GFIS defines elements that are intended to assist contributors in increasing access to their materials. Currently, GFIS supports the following types of information: News, Events, Recent, publications, Library and document collections, Datasets and Databases and Job vacancies (see Guidelines). GFIS provides a powerful search tool and browsing capability for latest news, events, publications and job opportunities. for more info visit