KAINet Membership -- ELIGIBILITY


Membership is open to all public or private institutions involved in the generation, processing, retrieval, dissemination and/or archiving of agricultural and related information. Institutions eligible for membership include but are not limited to:

1. Universities

The universities have large collections of agricultural information resources. It is estimated that taken together, universities hold approximately 70% of all information resources in the country; part of which is in the agricultural sector. Therefore Universities are a critical focus in the development of the Kenya Agricultural Information Network.

Kenya now has over six public universities, with the most recently established universities giving greater emphasis to technology and science-oriented degree programmes. In addition to the public universities there are over ten private universities in the country offering a range of degree programmes in agricultural sciences.

2. National Research Institutions

These are considered centres of excellence for researchers. Some of the most current research findings are found in research centres. National Research institutions are therefore considered of strategic value to the Kenya Agricultural Information Network. ICIPE, KARI, ILRI, ICRAF and IDRC are among the large research institutions that are members of KAINet.

3. Major Public Libraries and Archival Institutions

Libraries are considered centres of knowledge. In Kenya, there is a chain of libraries known as the Kenya National Library services (KNLS) available in major towns. KNLS and Kenya National Archives and Documentation Centre are of value KAINet.

4. Middle level Colleges, Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology

These institutions hold large collection of information resources that can be harvested into KAINet repository.


In the Individual member category there are two grades namely, Member and Student


The grade of Member is a professional grade limited to those who have demonstrated professional competence in the fields of interest to KAINet. The Membership Committee may enroll an individual directly as a member if the applicant has qualification and experience in information management or agricultural sciences.

Student Member:

The grade of Student is limited to undergraduate and/or postgraduate students pursuing courses in agricultural/environmental sciences or agricultural information management. They may be enrolled for a degree course either full time or part time at accredited educational institutions in Kenya. Those who are student members