KALRO Mtwapa Management

Center Director

Dr. Theresia L. Munga is the Centre Director of The Industrial Crops Research Centre Mtwapa (ICRC). Previously, she worked as a Deputy Centre Director at the centre.

Dr. Munga attained her PhD in Plant Breeding from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), MSc in Agronomy from University of Nairobi (Kenya) and a BSc in Agriculture General University of Nairobi (Kenya). She has trained in Gender in policy development for sustainable land, communication skills, report and proposal writing and effective management. She has facilitated in Participatory research and gender analysis workshops for researchers and extension staff. She has served as a coordinator for the regional research project (RRP), The Agricultural Technology and Information Response Initiative (ATIRI) project and cassava research in Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI). 

Dr. Munga won second place in Women in Science Award for 2009/2010. She has been awarded competitive grants to develop improved cassava varieties by the Rock Feller Foundation in 2002 and The East African Agricultural Productivity Project (EAAPP) in 2011.

She is a member of The Kenya Professional Women in Agriculture and Environment and Board of Management of St. Teresa Secondary School, Kilifi County


Deputy Center Director

Dr. Derrick M. Mwamachi is the Deputy Centre Director of Industrial Crops Research Centre, Mtwapa. He was the officer in charge of KARI Transmara Livestock Research Sub Centre in Narok County.

Dr.  Mwamachi holds a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science from Washington State University (USA) and a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Nairobi (Kenya). He is also the Centre Outreach and Partnerships Officer as well as the Section Head of Animal Health Section of Animal Production Programme. He has served as Regional Research Programme Coordinator, and Agricultural Technology and Information Response Initiative (ATIRI) coordinator at KARI’s Regional Research Centre - Mtwapa. Dr. Mwamachi was appointed as supervisor of the KARI/ILCA collaborative Small Ruminant Research Project investigating genetic resistance to gastrointestinal parasites and anthelmintic resistance in sheep and goatsDr. Mwamachi was a member of a multidisciplinary team which carried out on-farm research under the National Dairy Cattle and Poultry Research Programme, funded by the Government of Kenya and the Netherlands Government. Dr. Mwamachi has authored or co-authored various papers published in reputable journals and conference proceedings.

Dr. Mwamachi is a member of the Kenya Veterinary Association, Coast Branch.