Research Programmes

On going programs

a)   Wheat breeding

The main objectives in breeding include high yield, stress tolerance (both biotic and abiotic) such as drought tolerance, acid soil tolerance pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, as well as disease and pest resistance. The quality of the end products such as protein content and oil content in the wheat and oil crops, respectively are also considered.

b)Natural Resources Management and Biodiversity

The main objective of the program is to develop soil fertility management technologies, tillage systems, cropping systems, for the mandate crops and for different regions. It provides useful information on correct plant populations/plant spacing recommendations, cultural, chemical and biological weed control strategies as well as spearheading research in climate smart crop technologies.

c)   Crop protection

Crop pests and diseases remain a major challenge to food security not only in Kenya but globally. KALRO Njoro has many years of experience in crop pest and disease identification, monitoring/surveillance and advisory services to a wide range of farmers across the nation, in the region and has a global reach for wheat diseases.

d)     Outreach and technology dissemination

The Centre catalyses the process of outreach, dissemination and adoption of agricultural technologies through open days; agricultural shows and farmer field days as well as through documentation and recently through Elimsis Mobile Application ( available on android platforms. Outreach activities in Njoro are designed to contribute towards improving the farmers’ ability to make demands on agricultural service providers and enhancing the effectiveness of intermediary organizations and farmer groups in meeting their clients’ knowledge needs.

e)   KALRO Seed Unit (KSU) Njoro

The is a facility that undertakes systematic seed production for the purposes of bulking and availing for sale high standard breeder, pre-basic and basic seed/propagules of various cereal, tuber, root, oil crop commodities.