Crop Protection Programme

1. Entomology Section
The Section implements various research projects and provides advisory services under the following units:

1.1 Weed Science Unit
The unit investigates all aspects of weed control, including conventional, cultural, conservation agriculture, integrated weed management, biological and chemical methods.

1.2 Field and Stored Products Entomology Units
The two units conduct national pest surveys in order to establish the priority pests, evolve standard methodology for their study, maintain culture collection and referral Centre for identification of insects and mites, and to evolve appropriate control strategies for field and stored products pests, especially Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems. The entomology diagnostics Centre offers advisory services on insect identification and management options.

2. Plant Pathology Section
Research undertaken in Section focuses on fungal and bacterial diseases, nematodes and viral diseases of important crops. Other activities include advisory services on disease management and plant inspection.