Food Crops Research Institute

A healthy maize crop at the Kiboko Research Centre under the WEMA project

About the Institute
The KALRO Food Crops Research Institute was created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Act of 2013. The Institute's main focus is to generate, validate and release technologies on food crops to clients. It focuses on cereals (maize, wheat, sorghum, millet, and rice), grain legumes (dry beans, pigeon peas, green grams, dolichos) and root and tuber crops (potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yams and arrow roots). In order to contribute to food security, the Institute has seven Centres which conduct research on basic, strategic, applied and adaptive research using the value chain approach from production, market and use.

The Institute is in Trans-Nzoia County that is known for its role in food production and particularly maize. The County is largely agricultural with large scale and small scale maize, horticulture and dairy farmers.

KALRO Food Crops Research Institute headquarters is located in Kitale ((1° 0' N, 35° 7' E) in Trans Nzoia County about 70 km from Eldoret town three kilometers from Kitale town towards Kitale-Webuye road. It can also be accessed through Kitale-Kisawai road. Kitale is an agricultural town is situated between Mount Elgon and Cherangani hills at an elevation of 1,900 m (6,200 ft) above sea level with mean temperature of 24°C and an average annual rainfall of 1300 mm.

Institute Mandate
The Institute's mission is to generate and disseminate food crops' knowledge, innovative technologies and services that respond to clientele demands for sustainable livelihoods in Kenya. The Institute has a national mandate with the following objectives;

1. To generate and promote technologies and innovations for demand-driven Food crop product value chains
2. To develop and promote markets and marketing strategies for Food crop product value chains.
3. To facilitate and advocate policy option for enhancing demand-driven Food crop product value chains.
4. To strengthen the capacity for implementing Food crop product value chains research
5. To enhance availability of knowledge, information, and technologies on Food crop product value chains research

Institute Director,
Food Crops Research Institute,
P.O. Box 450-30200 Kitale Kenya,
Tel.: 020-2029637


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