Quality Policy

As a research institution, our Quality Policy and objectives are guided by the eight Quality Management Principles:-


Principle 1- Customer-centric Organization:

We are committed to meeting and/or exceeding customer needs and expectations.


Principle 2-Leadership:

We are committed to providing leadership on all technical matters in the coffee industry.


Principle 3:-Human Resource:

We are committed to attracting and retaining competent personnel.


Principle 4- Process Approach:

We shall systematically identify and manage the processes employed to ensure product/service conformity.


Principle5-  System Approach to Management:

We are committed to identifying and maintaining a Quality Management System.


Principle 6: Continual Improvement:

We are committed to continual improvement of the QMS by establishing measurable quality objectives at functional levels.


Principle7: Decision- Making:

We are committed to making decisions based on facts.


Principle 8: Mutually beneficial relationships:

We are committed to establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.

CRF Director of Research: Signed………………….Date: 30th Nov 2009