Jacaranda/Rukera Farm

Background information

The two farms were established in 1949 and are situated at the Coffee Research Foundation headquarters, Ruiru. The farms were initially administered independently with Jacaranda farm playing the role of providing sites for Research trials. Rukera farm was and has been commercially run with the goal of generating revenue to support Research. It has also been a demonstration farm charged with the responsibility of running model sites on good Agricultural practices. In the early years of 1990, the two farms were put under the same management and the role of each expanded to include commercial and Research activities.

 The two farms have continued to produce some of the best Coffees in our country and the average annual production has always been about 1.8 tonnes per hectare. In the year 2007, the farm won the test of harvest annual EAFCA competition held at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Since the time of establishment up to year 2005, the Milling and Marketing agents were Kenya Planters Co-operative Union (KPCU). Socfinaf Milling and Marketing Company was then contracted to take the role and the Company has continued to serve the farms quite well. Our Coffee is sold through the Nairobi Coffee auction and we have continually realised high returns due to the high quality Coffees produced by the farms.


 Acreage and Crop Population  

                                                      Crop population                                            Total area

 Variety                           Rukera                Jacaranda            Total pop.           (Hectares)    

1. Traditional

   (SL28, SL34, K7)       80,011                    29,884                     105,895                  45

2. Ruiru 11                     31,175                    15,406                       46,581                  36

Total crop popln /        111,186                    42,290                     156,476                   81  


Coffee converted to

Ruiru 11 (2007-2009)    13,768                   10,455                        24,223