Achievements on camel mastitis vaccine development project
A survey was carried out in Isiolo County on August 2016 with the following outputs:
  • Visits were made to a total of 17 camel bomas/manyattas. 
  • 219 lactating camels were examined for clinical mastitis, udder/teat abnormalities and presence of other diseases. Other classes of camels in the herd were also examined for diseases.
  • California Mastitis T (CMT) was performed on all grossly normal udder quarter milk to diagnose sub-clinical mastitis.
  • Clinical mastitis was detected in 16 camels while 101 camels had sub-clinical mastitis.
  • 876 individual udder quarter milk samples were collected from 219 camels. These will be analyzed in the laboratory to isolate Streptococcus agalactiae bacterium and later identification of vaccine candidates.
  • 219 blood samples collected from the jugular vein and later centrifuged at Isiolo veterinary laboratory to obtain 219 serum samples.  
  • All cases of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis diagnosed were treated. 
  • All other disease conditions diagnosed in the herd were treated and management advice given. Clinical conditions included mange, worm infestation/helminthosis, swollen glands, skin wounds, loss of body condition and ringworms/skin mycosis among others.

A field survey and sample collection was carried out between 28th – 30th September, 2016 in Laikipia.

  • 876 milk samples collected on the basis of CMT tests. All quarters whose milk were CMT +3 positive were sampled
  • Submission of 10 milk samples to ANALABS for bacterial culture and isolation. Specifically to isolate Streptococcus and Staphylococcus spp
  • The isolated bacteria to be subjected to genomic typing and DNA analysis