Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) of Beans

Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) was conducted in Laikipia (Wiyumiririe) dry highlands, 2100m above sea level. This was done under ASAL-APRP project for the production of seeds at community level- at a farmer’s field.  The beans were planted in the short rains of 2016. The exercise provided farmers with a large selection to make their choice for subsequent analysis to enable identification of preferred bean varieties. Out of the 16 bean varieties, the farmers selected five (5) best and five (5) worst varieties according to their assessment. The farmers then filled questionnaires to present the reasons for their choices of selection. Extension officer and enumerators guided the exercise but remained impartial i.e. did not influence the decisions of the farmers.

Farmers identify bean traits to score for during a PVS event at a farmers field in the cold    Highlands of Laikipia East County.