Muvau Farmers Self Help Group

Muvau Farmers Self Help Group is in Makueni County, Soweto village with 24 members comprising both men and women. The group started in 2012 and plants sorghum, green grams, cowpeas, and pigeon peas. They sell their sorghum and green grams to Mwairu enterprise and the other products at the local market. The trustee of the group and a member were interviewed and they narrated the following benefits the group members have acquired through the formation of the group;-

·         Involvement with ASAL-APRP sorghum activities enabled the group members transfer the knowledge to their farms

·         Financial empowerment from the sale of sorghum have facilitated them  to educate their children

·         The issue of hunger is no more since the introduction of sorghum in their diets. Soerghum is rich in energy and is used in making foods such as porridge and ugali.

·         They got a loan and bought land on which their cereal store now stands.

·         They have bought chairs and a tent which members use and hire out for occasions.

·         Joseph Mulinge, a member of the group, said that he has started rearing indigenous chicken from the proceeds from the sale of sorghum.

·         Peter Kasia, the trustee of the group, said that he has been able to pay for a diploma course in early childhood education for his wife from the proceeds of sorghum.

Mavau Self Help Group Grains Store at Makueni County, Soweto village