Human Stories



Ms Christine Mutinda is a SACDEP practical skills provider farmer for indigenous KARLO improved chicken in Kilimambogo Project Area. She increased her flock of 5 chickens she received from the New Oka Wone group brooding site under SACDEP-Kenya to 300 chickens in one year. She has already sold 50 chicken to raise Ksh 50,000 for the school fees of her 5 children in secondary school with a household size of 17 members.She can now afford to feed her family with at least 20 chicken per month unlike before and has also improved family diet since she has extra eggs.One chicken successfully hatches 25 chicks and she has managed to reduce mortality rate to Zero.Christine has realized the project goals of increased food security, greater income and improved social standing in the society.Besides she training other 10 farmers in the neighbourhood to upscale KARLO improved Indigenous chicken technologies and using her farm as a living stationery Library for technology transfer.  Reported by Hellen Ngema, SACDEP’s Project Coordinator.