About 206 participants (61(Male=16; Female=45) in Entarara, 43 (Male=9; Female=34) in Olchoro, 48 (Male=18; Female=30) in Munyura and 54 (Male=9; Female=45) in Elerai) were trained. The participants were trained on 5 topics in milk hygiene namely, a) Hygienic milk production, b) Hygienic milk Handling, c) Basic Milk Quality Control tests, d) Hygienic milk storage, e) preservation and Handling. Participants were also trained on (a) Basic Needs of a dairy cow, (b) Types of feeds used for feeding dairy cows in different sites and their suitability, (c) Types of Pastures & Fodders with potential in training areas. (d) How to judge the quality of feeds for dairy cattle at the farm level, (e) feed digestion in dairy cattle and meeting the nutrient needs. 5 pasture and fodder demonstration sites have been established and are currently being used to train farmers on different aspects of livestock feed technologies.