Sheep & Goat Research Institute

Saanen dairy goats originally from Germany with potential for twinning

About the Institute
The KALRO, Sheep and Goat Research Institute  is one the research institutes created under the KALR Act of 2013. Its headquarters is in Marsabit Research Centre (Marsabit County). The Marsabit research Centre was established in 1987 and took over facilities and staff from the UNESCO funded Integrated Project for Arid Lands (IPAL) implemented in mid 1970s and mid-1980s. The sub-centres are used by scientists when doing research work in the respective areas but the facilities are also hired out to other stakeholders operating in the area at a fee as a way of generating revenue. Most of the research activities are implemented in different areas within Marsabit and Isiolo counties. 

The Institute headquarters is located in Marsabit County of northern Kenya, 600 km from Nairobi along the Isiolo-Moyale road. It operates four sub-centres namely: Kargi, Ngurunit, Gudas and Gatab/Mt. Kulal. The sub-centres are located 70, 150, 67 and 200km, respectively, away from the Institute headquarters and they all fall within the Laisamis sub-county.
Research mandate The Sheep and Goat Research Institute was established to enhance the growth and production of the industry. The industry previously received relatively little attention compared to large stock, resulting in the potential of the industry not being fully exploited. The Institute is therefore expected to conduct research that contributes to the overall growth of the industry.  

In executing its research mandate, the Sheep and Goat Research Institute will pursue the following objectives:

1. To generate and promote technologies and innovations for demand-driven sheep and goat product value chains nationally
2. To develop and promote markets and marketing strategies for sheep and goat product value chains nationally
3. To facilitate and advocate policy option for enhancing demand-driven sheep and goat product value chains nationally
4. To strengthen the capacity for implementing sheep and goat product value chains nationally
5. To enhance availability of knowledge, information, and technologies on sheep and goat product value chains nationally

Ag Institute Director,
Marsabit, P.O. Box 147, 60500 Marsabit,
Tel +254692102040: Email: Director.sgri@kalro.org