Arid and range lands research institute (ARLRI) is a constituent of Kenya Agricultural Research Organization (KALRO). ARLRI was formed in 2014 and has a mission to generate and disseminate Arid and Rangelands knowledge, innovative technologies and services that respond to clientele demands, for sustainable livelihoods. 

The main activities carried out under the ASAL APRP Project and their achievements include: -

Achievements in each of the activities under ASAL APRP

No. Activity/Project Achievements from activities Beneficiaries/remarks
1. Characterization and Improvement of Range grass ecotypes and pasture technology

Strengthening pasture research in ASALs both on-station and on-farm

More than 15 demonstration set sites set up in different parts of the ASAL counties (Makueni, Kajiado, Taveta and Narok )

65 acres of rain-fed range forage multiplication site of over 50 acres

12-acre pasture farm multiplication site under irrigation set up
Standard seed store rehabilitated for storage of seeds at KALRO Kiboko 
75 ecotypes of different range grass species collected from the ASALs and characterized so far at KALRO Kiboko
Community based system involving farmers for seed multiplication set up
Over 15000 kg of seed of assorted range grasses produced so far on-station and distributed to farmers, institutions and NGOs

Training of over 30 farmer groups to uptake pasture seed production  technologies in the ASALs

Capacity building of technical staff












Located in Makueni, Kajiado, Taita Taveta and Narok

2. Improve productivity of land by integrating grass in tree-crop systems

12 acres of tree-grass intercrop established on-station

The technology has been tested on-farm with over 25 acres of land now under Tree-grass system in Makueni

3. Partnerships and collaboration with different stakeholders
  • Regular contact with regional and international agricultural research centres to ensure the rapid introduction, evaluation and use of improved pasture technology of potential benefit to the country
  • Linkages  with ILRI on Molecular technology through  the characterization activity and on livestock rumen microbiology studies
  • Linkage with Agricultural Sector Development Support Programs (ASDSP)
  • Membership to Makueni, Kajiado County Stakeholders Forum has enabled closer county cooperation with Research

Capacity Building

Training of Staff under supported by the Project
6 staff at KALRO Kiboko benefited from training supported by KASAL and ASAL/APRP

Other short term trainings have targeted officers from the Centre such as Ms Office, Seed testing and Biometrics

Evelyne  C. Kirwa – Ongoing, PhD

Bernad K. Korir – ongoing, PhD

John Manyeki –Completed, MSc.

Elizabeth N. Muthiani – Completed, PhD

Alphaxard J. Ndathi- Completed, PhD

Bryan Ogillo – Completed, MSc.

  Up-scaling and out-scaling of range pasture technologies

Capacity building of farmers to improve their  incomes and Nutrition
Capacity build in Hygiene milk production and handling; pasture and forage establishment; animal health and husbandry as well as marketing of livestock products

Training of 300 farmers on fodder utilization for improved milk production in Loitokitok sub-county, Kajiado County

Many farmers have been reached and exposed to KALRO technologies so far. (please Link to success stories on pastures)

  Patenting and commercialization of Chumvi Kuria for Camels in Northern Kenya

Invention successfully developed and validated for technical and economic viability (link to the attached story “ Amazing field validation……………………..”)
Patenting of the invention under the Kenya Intellectual Property Institute (KIPI) and African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO, specifically in Botswana, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda) on-going
Patenting of the invention in Ethiopia and Djibouti being initiated