1. Evaluation of Rhodes grass varieties and legume mixtures in dairy cattle rotational grazing system in Coastal Kenya.


  • The coast region is a feed deficit area; as over 80% is arid and semi-arid.
  • Despite several past efforts to promote productive grasses and legumes, the acreage under cultivated fodder is very low and livestock are fed mostly on natural pasture/vegetation
  • Rhodes grass ex-Tozi is among the most productive grasses especially on-station at Mariakani. The cultivar ex-Tozi is a prolific seed producer and has potential to improve forage availability especially in dry areas.
  • Information on contribution of ex-Tozi Rhodes to animal performance is scanty


  • To determine the performance of dairy cattle grazed on Rhodes grass and legume mixtures in lowland Coastal Kenya.
  • To determine performance of Rhodes grass and Rhodes grass/legumes mixtures under high intensity short duration grazing systems.
  • To determine Nutrient content of Rhodes grass/legume mixtures
  • To determine effect of dairy cattle grazing Rhodes grass and legume mixtures on soil fertility improvement.


Data collection is still on going.