Progress report one


The Centre has two projects under ASAL/APRP Programme;

Ø   Beef value chain grazing trial using pasture/legume mixers

Ø  National Performance Trial for pasture grasses and forage sorghums(NPT)


Beef value chain grazing trial;

The rains have favoured us this time round. Before cutting and baling pasture grasses, the rains continued and we could not carry out the activity. Eventually seed was a lot and we decided to harvest. So far we have harvested over 100kg of X-Tozi seed and 15kg of Boma Rhodes. We still have a lot of seeds in these fields and it’s also raining here. We have also started fencing the pasture grazing paddocks. Our intention is complete fencing all the grazing paddocks, then harvest another round of seeds, cut and bale the material. We have now finished digging all the holes, we shall start putting posts and wire straining. We also have many young steers that we shall select from for the grazing trial.


Harvesting X-Tozi seed in the pasture            drying harvested and threshed X-Tozi seed

Legume mixers plots


                Digging fencing holes                                 Digging fencing holes for fencing the grazing trial            


National Performance Trial for pasture grasses and forage sorghum (NPT)

Having been given the go ahead by KEPHIS officials from Nairobi to use the earlier randomization, we planted the pasture grasses on 6/7/2015 and the forage sorghum on7/7/2015. This we did with Mr Bett, the KEPHIS officer based in Mombasa office. As mentioned earlier the rains have been good and it’s raining even now. It’s now exactly one month after planting and we have already taken data on germination and other parameters as the per the data sheets. We also made a quadrat which we are using for sampling.


Short summary on germination for pasture grasses;

KP02 X-Tozi Rhodes

-All the three plots have less than 30%germination

-X-Tozi Rhodes takes a bit longer to germinate

-There signs it’s going to germinate and establish well

KP03 Enteropogon

-Germination is extremely good with more than 50% germination in all of the three replicates

KP04 Katumani Rhodes

-Germination is equally very good with more than 50% germination in all the three plots

-The material is also very vigorous in growth

KP05 Chloris Roxyburghiana

-Germination is very poor so far less than 20% germination per plot

-We are still observing whether it will pick up in the coming days

Boma Rhodes

-This is one of the checks

-Germination is very poor less than 10% in each of the three replicates

-Planted also in the guard rows

-Still observing whether germination will improve

Pokot Rhodes

-Another check

-Germination is better than Boma

-Germination of about 30% per plot

-Still observing for improvement in germination