KALRO linking farmers to seed buying company in Makueni

Through its working partner, Smart Logistics, KALRO under the auspices of ASAL-APRP supports an umbrella of farmers’ groups in Ikaasu of Kathonzweni sub-County in Makueni. Smart Logistics field staff contracts farmers to plant mainly sorghum using a model called COPMAS. In the model, Smart Logistics ensures that farmers are trained on appropriate agronomic practices and have seed. Smart Logistics also carries out sensitisation on nutritional value of its products.

Mr David Karanja a scientist from KALRO-Katumani explained how the model works while the Smart Logistics field officer Mr. Mutua gave the details on the number of farmers involved, farmers who have applied for seed, areas covered during training and number of registered farmers.

The team visited the Smart Logistics offices located about 12 km on the Machakos-Nairobi Road. A graphic presentation of what happens in the field was presented by Rose Mutuku, the General Manager.