Research Projects

Project Tittle  Investigators (Start with PI) Program Source of funds Start date Endate Current Status
Improving Beef productivity in the ASALs Kidake B,  Kirwa  E, Korir B, Kubasu D, Ogillo B, Muthiani E and Mnene W N Livestock Arid Semi-Arid Lands-Agricultural Productivity Resaerch Program (ASAL-APRP) 2012 May 2017 April Implementation on-going - 60% way
Patenting and Commercialization of Chumvi Kuria for Camels in Northern Kenya Kuria SG, Lesuper J Livestock ASAL-APRP 2014 August 2017 April Implemenattion underway - 60% done
Integrated Agricultural Production Systems for Poor and Vulnerable in Dry Areas Katiku P, Manyeki J, Keya G, Kibet P Livestock The International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) 2014 June 2016 March Implementation on-going - 80% way
Fodder Production for Enhanced Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Resilience in the Drylands of Kenya (PREPARE) Dr. Oliver Wasonga (Nairobi University), Dr. William Mnene (Kiboko), Dr. Yazan Ahmed Elhadi (Nairobi University) Livestock Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) - See more at: 2015 October 2017 October Implementation underway - 20% done
Effects of Selected Supplements on Beef Cattle Productivity and Rumen Microbiology in Makueni County Bernand K. Korir (PhD study)  Livestock EAAPP 2014 January 2016 December On-going - 70% done
Selection and evaluation of ecotypes of potential grass species for reseeding the asals Everlyne C. Kirwa (PhD study) Livestock EAAPP 2012 January 2016 December On-going - 80% done
Range pasture technologies outscaling Kidake B Livestock ASAL-APRP 2015 April 2016 march On-going - 70% done