Socio-economic and Research & Analytical Methodology

Farm and farming systems characterization,

  • Analysis and identification of markets, market distribution channels
  • Global, regional, national and county policy analysis as it relates to agricultural technologies developed by the institute and any other technologies suitable for the semi-arid ecologies,
  • Identification of levels and determinants of agricultural technology adoption,
  • Ex-ante and ex-post impact assessment of agricultural technologies in the institutes mandate region,
  • Analysis and evaluation of agricultural delivery pathways and dissemination methods in the Institutes mandate counties,
  • Promotion and dissemination of emerging and proven agricultural technologies.

Design of dissemination strategies, gender roles in animal and ecological research, data processing, analysis and interpretation, social economic research along the value chains

The Sub-themes in this section include:-

  1.  Biometrics and applied statistics
  2.  Socioeconomics