Range Animal Production and Health

The ASALS of Kenya support a wide range of livestock production systems.  Most of the population residing in these areas depends on livestock as a livelihood. The goal of this program is to generate and promote technologies and innovations for demand driven range and livestock value chains. It also leads to enhance availability of knowledge, information and technologies on range and livestock value chains. The sub-thematic areas include: -

  1. Livestock Health and epidemiology
  2. Livestock management (including appropriate housing) and nutrition systems
  3. Animal Breeding and veterinary pathology and parasitology
  4. Poultry management
  5. Apiculture

The sub-themes are continually multiplying breeding stock with the aim of ensuring farmers have open access to superior materials while conserving the same  in close collaboration with Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Centre (Kabete). Currently Kiboko maintains the only herd of Small East African Shorthorn Zebu comprising the Maasai and Kamba types which are genetically distint.  Already elite bull semen has been deposited at Kabete.